Pumptracks are the new generation of fun on two wheels for all ages, a progressive kind of riding system that uses an up and down 'pumping' motion to propel the bicycle forward instead of pedaling.

From learning the basics of balance and momentum for beginners to practicing rhythm and timing for professionals it is a perfect place to learn and enjoy healthy lifestyle in a fun and safe environment. It is a safe and great fun to ride for all ages and skill levels.

The pumptrack is suitable for any size bicycle from 'like a bikes' to kids bikes to dirt bikes to bmx and adult size mountain bikes. They create a community environment by bridging the generation gap between parents, small children and adolescents.

It is modular, flexible, moveable and easy to assemble into endless layout variations.

The curves are designed to be fun and easy to ride for all levels of rider. Being flat at the bottom and vertical at the top makes them equally rideable at any speed. The sweep of the curve can be varied from 60° to 240° providing the possibility of exotic track styles such as figure eights or any other layout imaginable.

The pump-bumps are designed with an average height to length ratio giving them ease of use for beginners and kids bikes with small wheels, while maintaining enough shape to give more advanced riders the push they need to build up riding speed.


Key features:

  • Basic-, Advanced- and Master-Package (wood/concrete)
  • conforms with EU safety norms ʻEN-1170-1:2009ʼ and 'EN-1176-7:2009' for childrenʼs playgrounds
  • rider is never more than 40 cm above the ground, making it safe for all ages
  • comes with easy to understand assembly instructions
  • compact and foldable for easy, space-saving storage and transportation
  • parts have handles for easy and safe lifting
  • can be easily fixed to the ground for permanent assembly
  • can be custom assembled to fit in an area of special size or shape
  • additional and/or replacement parts can be ordered at any time
  • NEW! crossing parts


We start with best quality and ecological new materials:

  • top grade larch lumber
  • turns: fiberglass riding surface
  • rollers: marine grade plywood with anti-slip surface
  • ecological insect and weatherproofing resins and paints
  • rust proof torx-head screws
  • zink anodized bolts and hardware


Finished modules are shipped worldwide for installation in:

  • public bikeparks
  • urban areas
  • sport and recreation centers
  • bike resorts
  • trail networks
  • private bikeparks
  • bike hotels
  • mountain sports centers
  • adventure parks


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