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There's track construction and then there's track construction!

This is why we call our work track design. Based on the - by no means exaggerated - decade-long experience of Diddie Schneider, we offer you the greatest implementation skills.

Diddie Schneider and his team of trail builders turn ideas into reality with creativity and dedication.

Our top priority is safety: The right shape ensures low-injury facilities, safety measures all along the length of the track and the correct assessment of the levels of difficulty, to name just a few important factors.

Even when a project has been implemented, our work is not yet finished. The tasks of maintenance and servicing are of equal importance. They guarantee consistent quality and a high level of safety.


  • Track design
  • Obstacle course design
  • Network of MTB paths
  • Mapping and signposting
  • Bike park elements
  • Safety
  • Maintenance and servicing
  • Conversion & expansion

Tracks offered...

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