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For over 25 years Diddie Schneider Sportevent & Design has been a synonym for the implementation of international mountainbike and bmx tracks, bike courses and mountainbike worldcup tracks.

An exciting era in MTB and BMX sport.

Diddie Schneider began with the organisation of events and the construction of BMX tracks and MTB tracks based on his experience as a professional BMX rider.

In the last 25 years, the company has developed into a full-service agency:

  • track and obstacle course design (Flow Country, Downhill, Freeride, Dual-Slalom, 4X, Evil Eye, Kids)
  • Courses on sporting events and trade fairs (4X, Dirt Jump, Pumptrack)
  • City courses (Mountainbike courses as urban "playground" for all skill levels)
  • Pumptracks (soil or modular wooden version)
  • planning, design and implementation of bike park projects (facilities with downhill tracks especially built and customized for all mountainbike riders, usage of an uphill lift)
  • incentives and riding skill courses

Our services include all of this and more.

Furthermore, Diddie Schneider has successfully operated the MTB Zone Bikepark Geisskopf and the MTB school based there for the past 15 years.

Diddie Schneider Sportevent & Design – Your partner for professionally executed bike projects in the area of tourism and sports.


E — BIKE Festival Dortmund 2016

Dieses Jahr haben wir einen Testparcours/Veranstaltungsparcours für das erstmalig in der Innenstadt von Dortmund stattfindende E - BIKE Festival gebaut. Bergauf-/bergabführende Strecke über eine Gerüstkonstruktion, kleine Steinfelder, quer/längs liegende Äste, Wellen, Sprunghügel und Steilkurven.

Eurobike 2015

This year we have build a test course for the Demo Day, which has been held directly on the exhibition grounds for the fisrt time. A pumptrack, a downhill track with rollers and curves. Zones with little stones and logs on an uphill singletrail.

Report in the Magazine

Eurobike 2013

In 2013 too, we have build the course for the Dirt Jump Contest in the open air grounds west.

Bike Festival Garda Trentino 2013

In 2013 we have build two big dirt jumps for "King of Dirt" and a Enduro-Testtrack.

Eurobike 2012

1992 - 2012: Since 20 years the most beautiful exhibition course for awesome contests was designed by Diddie Schneider. We celebrated this anniversary on friday evening during Eurobike Party with a lot of friends and partners.

And again at Eurobike Demo Day on 28.08.2011 in Ratzenried (Commune of Argenbühl, Germany) we presented our new wooden pumptrack. Lots of fun for all ages.

Bike Festival Willingen 2012

Again in 2012 we parked our english double-decker bus on the festival area.

Before the downhill race "Milka Wheels of Speed powered by Shimano" we worked at the track at Ettelsberg to have it ready for the challenge.

For the "Canyon Pumptrack Race powered by MTB Academy/Stefan Herrmann" we have build a pumptrack at the finishing area of the Downhill-/4X-track.

Evil Eye Flow Country Trail

Since Monday, 07. May 2012, Diddie Schneider is working on the evil eye Flow Country Trail in Bikepark Geisskopf to extend the upper section.

Bike Festival Garda Trentino 2012

Once again. For the Bikefestival at Lake Garda from 28.04. to 01.05.2012 we have build the 4X track for "SCOTT Nightsprint" and three dirts for "King of Dirt powerd by Saalbach Hinterglemm", a Bronze Event of the Freeride Mountainbike World Tour, on Area Cattoi in Riva del Garda. A basis for exciting contests is established.

Eurobike 2011

Parcour auf der Eurobike

Over and over again! The most beautiful exhibition course is designed by Germany´s leading course designer Diddie Schneider. We design the contest area for mountain bikes since 1992.



Eurobike Demo Day 2011

At Eurobike Demo Day on 30.08.2011 in Ratzenried (Commune of Argenbühl, Germany) we presented our new wooden pumptrack.

MTB Zone Bikepark Geisskopf

In 1998 Diddie Schneider created the MTB Zone Bikepark Geisskopf, a unique playground for all mountainbikers. With downhill tracks especially build and groomed for Mountainbikers, bike school, rental and a transportation for rider and bike, Diddie Schneider established the first bikepark in the world. Beside the existing trails, the innovative “adidas eyewear Evil Eye Flow Country Trail” build in 2010 is the highlight at the Geisskopf. Based on the idea that exciting trails will encourage more people to ride more often, world-class rider Hans Rey and trail designer Diddie Schneider have partnered to present Flow Country Trails. This new concept is designed to take people of any fitness, equipment, or skill-level on a singletrack joyride. The “Flow Country Trail” with small berms and rollers shall provide the addicting rollercoaster feeling and sensation and pure flow. Our philosophy: “Never steep, Never extreme, Never dangerous”.

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Current Project

Flow Country Trail, Willingen (Upland), Germany

Building a new Flow Country Trail at Willingen in Germany.

Images Flow Country Trail Petzen

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